Hello new website hello new logo

January 29, 2014

Hi!  Firstly, thanks for stopping by and if you have got to this point, then thanks for reading.  I started a blog, just for fun in Jan 2013.  It was a ways for me to document my LA goings-on for my peeps back home, but let’s be honest, how many of our pals really read our blogs? After living in LA for a year and getting back on my feet professionally I thought it only right to do as LA people do and set up a(nother) blog.  And here it is.

I’d first like to thank Danielle of The Jealous Curator, she is one of the most inspirational women I have come across since being in LA.  I had the pleasure working with her on The Fig House, when Emily brought her on to curate all the art, and boy did she do a heck of a good job!  I found out that she not only runs a fantastic blog (check it out here) she is also a branding consultant and runs her own business whilst taking care of her super cute 7-year old son, Charlie.  She is a total superwoman!  After meeting Danielle I asked her if she’d to help design a logo for my new website and she got super excited and said yes immediatly.  I sent her two mood boards of ideas, the first one being more of a colour palette…

Ginny Macdonald Blog Moodboard


I wanted to keep the palette simple and focus on using black as the main colour.  I also wanted grey tones and a feature colour or two.  For some reason I was really loving dust pink and gold/copper tones.  My ideal was that I wanted it to have a Scandinavian feel. The second board mainly focused on style and typeface.

Ginny Macdonald Blog Moodboard


I wanted the fonts to be simple and geometric.  For a long time I’ve had a thing for bees and I love their honeycomb shape (honestly nothing to do with The Fig House design).  So I found an image that really portrayed that honeycomb feel.  It also happened to be pink!

Danielle came up with a couple of different options for me to chose from and black didn’t feature in them… so we went back and forth back and forth.  She changed it to dark grey and then eventually, after me nagging, she changed it to black.  And then I changed it back to the original grey she had proposed .  To this day, she hasn’t said “I told you so” but I’m sure she’s thinking it, and rightly so, the black was way too harsh.  We did have a laugh about it though.
Ginny Macdonald insideoutbyginny logo

What I love about the logo is the changing thickness of the wording and most of all, the use of the triangles, which in turn form the shape of the honeycomb.  Look out for more branding development to come using that form.  I also like the use of the blonde wood texture which will eventually translate into business cards and such like down the line.  We played around with metallic textures which did look fun and still might be used in the future.  It was so fun working with someone who was developing something for me.  I’ve always been on the opposite side so it was great having someone put my ideas into motion.

Thank you Danielle! xXx